Jeremy Corbyn's World AIDS Day message

The Leader of the Labour Party's video message

"Truthiness" and the Political Persuaders

truthiness is ‘truth’ that a person making an argument or assertion claims to know intuitively “from the gut" or because it "feels right" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination of facts

Campaign against Tax Credit Cuts

The Tory government’s £4 billion tax credit cuts that would leave three million families £1,300 a year on average worse off .

Tory Pretence as the "Workers' Party"

Quite soon after the General Election in May, the Tory Party tried to re-invent itself as the "Workers’ Party”, using ideas from business marketing strategy

Scottish Labour Party 2015 conference

Videos and speeches from Kezia Dugdale, Jeremy Corbyn, Ian Murray at the 2015 conference in Perth .

At the Scottish Labour Party 2015 conference

Lesley discusses the events, speeches and business at the Scottish Labour conference in Perth .

Tax Credits Cuts from "the most family-friendly Government ever"

The IFS says that the government’s plans to reduce the tax paid by the rich while cutting back on tax credits threatens to widen the inequality gap.

Women 50 :50 and Council Representation

Motion to Dundee City Council supporting Women 50:50’s call for legislated candidates quotas in the Scottish Parliament and Council elections and backing the campaign’s call for fair representation of women in Scotland.

Seasonal increase in mortality in Winter in Dundee

The seasonal increase in mortality in winter in Dundee has now reached a 10-year high , according to new figures released by the National Records of Scotland.

The Coherent Alternative

Labour is developing “a pragmatic and deliverable economic policy for our country and in developing a fairer and more prosperous economic alternative based upon investment and growth which reaches all sections of society.”

Trade Union Bill: Obama Praises The Work of Unions

While David Cameron is seeking to shackle trade unions with a vindictive Trade Union Bill in this country, Barack Obama has been praising the work of trade unions in his own country.

The Tories and The Poor

The Tory “assault on poverty" begins with a re-definition of what it means to be poor – something well beyond the experience of Tory Government Ministers.

Tax Credits Cuts : Tory Millionaire Minister's Verdict

Reducing their tax credits to somehow “dignify” their lives shows the width of the chasm between the Tory government and the lives of real people.

The Underspending Continues

The Scottish Government set an unenviable record in 2013-14 of almost half a billion pounds underspending on vital public sector services that families in Scotland rely upon, putting even greater stress on already under-resourced public sector staff such as nurses and teachers.

Denis Healey

Statements by Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party and Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, on the death of Denis Healey.

The Labour Party Conference

Videos and the text of speeches from this year's Labour Party conference - Jeremy Corbyn's first conference as Leader of the Party

Jeremy Corbyn : The Real Thing

Derided by his critics at the start of the Labour Leadership campaign as being “caught in a time-warp”, Jeremy Corbyn refuted their write-off of him with a campaign that saw him rise from being a rank outsider to runaway victor in three months.

The Authentic Politics of Jeremy Corbyn

His new way of doing politics has met with a predictable onslaught from the political establishment and most of the media. He offers a different culture of politics

Trade Union Bill : The #twoweekwarning Campaign

As part of their oppressive Trade Union Bill, the Tories are consulting on proposals that would require trade unions to provide employers with details of their planned activity on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs two weeks before a strike would commence.

Tax Credit and Tax Avoidance : The Two £12 billion

Corporate tax avoidance costs the exchequer an estimated £12 billion per year. £12 billion is also the identical sum of money being cut from welfare spending by the Tories

Trade Union Bill : The Tories' Imaginary Numbers

The number of days lost through strike action in the UK last year was 788,000. That figure is lower than in any year during the Second World War, and lower than in any year of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

Jeremy Corbyn TUC Speech

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the TUC Congress - "We are actually quite a rich country. We are actually a country that is deeply unequal. Surely, the whole vision of those who founded our unions and founded our political parties was about doing things differently."

Labour's New Leader

In choosing Jeremy Corbyn, Labour has a Leader whose election campaign has brought transformational change to the party. His principled stand won him swathes of support amongst party members, as did him addressing and supporting their long-held beliefs.

Poetry, Polls and the Corbyn Campaign

"Poetry, Polls, and the Corbyn Campaign" - In Bevan’s time, there were many who believed that the role of politicians was to lead public opinion through standing by their principles, and campaigning to persuade the electorate to follow them.

Jeremy Corbyn's Analysis

 While his stance may have earned him the wrath or displeasure of other politicians, Jeremy Corbyn’s emergence as a potential leader has been understood by Nobel Prize winners in economics. .


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